Auchem s.r.o. is a contract organization specializing in synthesis of fine organic chemicals, various important synthetic intermediates, and medicinally relevant substances. It was founded by Ferdinand Straka and Pavol Jakubec in 2016 and began producing the same year. The major aim of the organization is to offer efficient and fast synthesis of a broad range of miscellaneous organic compounds ranging from structurally simple precursors to highly complex molecules containing multiple stereogenic centers and unusual synthetic motifs. We specialize in custom synthesis of complex organic compounds, especially in producing synthetically challenging, stereochemically pure derivatives. Our ability to design and perform multistep synthetic sequences, with particular emphasis on stereochemical integrity and high target molecule chemical purity, combined with vast expertise in purifying and isolating various amounts of organic compounds using standard and state-of-the-art purification methods guarantees rapid and reliable synthesis at competitive prices.


Major areas of our expertise:

– Alkaloids and polycyclic derivatives, including macrocycles with unusual structural motifs

– Enantiomerically pure amino acids

– Heterocyclic compounds